Forest Hill Whole Home Renovation

Maurice Fuoco, owner of The Fifth Wall, managed the complete rebuilding of our house between 2009 and 2010.

He and our architect worked together in a cordial and seamless manner. Maurice sat in on design meetings months before we signed a contract. He somehow trusted us and, as it turned out, we had every reason to trust him. His attention to the job was constant: there was real progress every working day. His workmen were hard working, polite and cordial; our neighbors had the highest regard for them. The site was immaculate. Every detail received his attention. Our project took longer than was originally scheduled, largely by reason of the negligence of a subcontractor that could not have been ascertained when it occurred. Maurice took three months, using only his own funds and resources, to correct the problem and not once did he complain or hold out his hand. Throughout he was man of patience, principle and perfection.

It is a pleasure to be able to recommend him unconditionally. Something else: he loves dogs.

Thomas H. Bjarnason