Thru & Thru Innovation

TFW is committed to working innovatively…

New techniques and technologies are continuously evolving and improving and staying on top of these developments is critical to ensuring we deliver the best project options for architects and homeowners alike. With our team’s experience and training – we strive to filter through changes in planning bylaws, building codes and innovative building technologies and practices and to see how we can apply these to our projects’ benefit.

We are also part of that innovation. A case in point is the Thru & Thru Safety Bracket developed by Maurice Fuoco. He designed the versatile device to accept standard, readily site – available dimensional lumber to erect single or double posts for temporary guardrails.

“I wanted to satisfy Fifth Wall’s needs for something that saves materials and makes the construction site safer,” says Maurice.

The Thru & Thru Safety Bracket can accommodate all stages of construction. It can be used in multiple configurations ranging from framing stage right through to the completion of drywall and hardwood installation. The sturdy, flexible guardrails provide better protection for site workers, while cutting back on the materials needed to build them.

The bracket also:

  • Is made from heavy-gauge steel to withstand harsh construction conditions
  • Allows sections of the guardrail to be easily removed by untightening the eyebolts
  • Can be screwed to the subfloor without additional backing.

Embraced by the Construction Industry

The Thru & Thru Safety Bracket has proven a durable solution. Hite Engineering of Mississauga, Ontario conducted rigorous testing and certified that it meets the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations for Construction Projects, and exceeds the structural requirements. As well, attendees surveyed at the Ontario Building & Renovation Forum, held in Toronto, in 2004, stated that the bracket would last six to nine years and could be used for more than 50 installations.

“We’ve had great feedback,” says Maurice. “Some of the largest builders around are now using it. I’m happy to have contributed something that has made a difference to our industry.”