Deer Park Condo Renovation

Dear Maurice,

Thanks for your tremendous knowledge and efforts my suite is now beautiful and complete.

It was a pleasure to have worked with both you and your staff on this successful project. Your guidance insured that no mistakes in judgment were made by me or any of your competent trades. Your keen eye for detail and design was an extra bonus. I knew I was hiring a skilled home builder but was unaware how valuable your past projects would be when assisting me in making challenging decisions.

I greatly appreciate your staff’s updates and focus on schedules ensuring our deadlines were met. The organization of your company was evident every time we met on the site. The space was constantly being cleaned allowing for all of the trades to work efficiently while protecting all the finished materials.

Any work being done in a condominium has its own set of challenges. Thanks to your consideration for others we received no complaints from my neighbors. From your staff’s fastidious cleaning of common area’s to their awareness of the noise transmission, I take comfort in knowing that no suite owner was impacted by our construction.

I very much look forward to working with you on my next project. I would not hesitate recommending The Fifth Wall to my friends, family and clients.

Cynthia Small