Broadview North Whole Home Renovation

We are writing to provide our strong recommendation that when building or renovating a home, you give serious consideration to hiring The Fifth Wall and its proprietor, Maurice Fuoco, to do the work.

A home renovation is a major undertaking that can include significant financial obligations and upheaval for a family, so when we were deciding whether to proceed with our project we were naturally apprehensive. When we first met with Maurice and his team, we were immediately impressed by both their decency and professionalism. We felt comfortable with Maurice personally and the Fifth Wall’s thorough breakdown of the elements and costs of the project was far more detailed than the information provided by other contractors.

Maurice’s conscientious approach was evident during the project as well. His careful attention to detail ensured both the quality of the work and that issues were identified and addressed before they caused more problems down the line. He collaborated well with our architect, and made design recommendations that we accepted. Maurice was also open to making adjustments and excellent at finding solutions as the project moved forward, whether for reasons of design, structure, or costs. His ability to identify areas where he was concerned we would not be satisfied, and to present clear options for decision, facilitated the process.

Whenever a renovation is substantially completed, there are always outstanding items that are discovered or need to be addressed. People are often anxious that their contractor will disappear after the big cheques have been cashed and that small but important matters will be left unattended. The Fifth Wall stuck with the project right to the end and resolved every issue.

A contractor’s job is as much about relationships as it is about building. Certainly, we were concerned about costs, timing, and decision-making. Maurice addressed these issues with integrity and was able to maintain our confidence even through what were for us stressful moments in the project.

At the end of the project, we were highly satisfied with both our house and the quality of our relationship with Maurice. We would hire the Fifth Wall again without hesitation.

Blaise Clarkson and Tim Lewis